13 December 2010

To the coast!

Well, another trip to ¨the coast¨ and I have still yet to see the ocean...

This time, my trip took me about an hour down the mountain to San Felipe Reu with the end-of-year retreat of my sisters´ Evangelical church. We rode in the lap of luxury (a camionetta, 3 to a seat) and sang hymns on the way down (with no music, by the by, because they believe that instruments are sinful.)

Once we arrived, it was suuuuuper hot, which was a wonderful change from the freezing nighttime tempteratures of Xela! We had a church service of sorts, some organized games (one of which was jumping over a rope that got higher and higher... I think we can all guess who one of the finalists was...), and then the whole afternoon was free time and lunch. Part of the recreation included a (super small) pool, and so I was sitting on the edge, watching my sisters play and just kind of soaking up the sun, when a few teenaged girls demanded I come over. I did, and they asked me if I could swim. I said of course (after all, I was a proud LHP Gator from ages 7-12), and they told me (not asked) to teach them how to swim. I thought they were joking, then tried to resist (being that I really didn´t want to get all the way in the water), but to no avail.

I showed them how to kick their legs on the wall, then with a ball in front of them (clearly there were no kickboards), and then showed them how to use their arms. The result was 3 girls madly flailing around, screaming and laughing. They weren´t about to break any record, but they were swimming! So unbelievable to think thatat about 16 years old, they didn´t know how to float or tread water or do freestyle... skills I learned when I was like 6.

After paying attention, though, I honestly think I was one of like 3 people out of around 60 who actually could swim. But don´t worry, that little detail did NOT stop this congregation from using the pool, in whatever (and I mean WHATEVER) they deemed appropriate for the pool (from jeans to spandex to tshirts... we´re talking all shapes and sizes)

All in all, quite a tiring but fun afternoon... Still hoping to actually see the ocean on of these trips, though...

bendiciones, juli

PS- pictures to come soon...

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