17 December 2010

Rules of the Road *

So it's a YAV rule that we´re not allowed to drive this year, and though I miss Harrison, Here´s a few reasons why I´m glad I´m not driving...

1. Go as fast as you can, but don´t forget to slam on your break the second before you reach one of the millions of speed humps.
2. Turn your radio on and turn the volume up all the way. Afterall, everyone around you surely wants to listen to whatever you're listening to.
3. You have the right of way. If someone tries to challenge that, honk as much as you can, and if they continue, angrily wave your hand out the window. If they don´t back down, just go; they´ll learn.
4. Pass as you please, especially if it´s on a blind corner, or on a hill. No worries-- that lack of a shoulder shouldn´t alarm you. You have places to go, and you definitely can't wait to get there.
5. You must go the second the light changes to green, even if there is someone in the ¨cross walk¨ (extra points if it´s a gringo) -- they´ll move.
6. Turn your blinker on. Don´t worry if it doesn´t coorespond to anything in particular... it is pretty and flashy.
7. Honk your horn if you see a pretty lady or if you think you know a person on the street. Go ahead and stop where you are if you do know them; it´s always a good time to say ¨hello.¨
8. Use your hazard lights if you´re about to do something no one would ever expect.
9. Most of all, just remember that you're the king (or queen) of the road-- your trip is more important that anyone else's, and you'd better hurry up and get there!!

Wishing you all safe travels!
bendiciones, juli

* Inspired by an English-language publication here in Xela. Yeah, I just graduated from college... I cite my sources.

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  1. Hahaha, oh Juli, this reminds me of Brazil :P
    It's so good to hear updates about all of your adventures and the day to day stuff too. Are you glad you're not spending another new year's eve frozen in times square?! Feliz A~no Nuevo :)