26 June 2010

87% fund raised!!

10 June 2010

64% supported!!!

03 June 2010

Post #1

Well hello, world!
It's about 2.5 months until I leave for Guatemala, and I'm getting super excited! Support-raising has been going really well so far, I already have 46% of my fundraising done! Isn't God great?! Even though I don't have my site-placement yet, I should find out about where specifically I'll be in the beginning of July-- that means I'll find out what city I'll be in and what organization I'll be working with for the year!

For the summer, I'll be waitressing at Faccia Luna, a "contemporary Italian pizza place" about 10 mins away. I think it will be fun, or at least a good way to pass the time this summer...

Thanks for following along, world!
Bendiciones, juli