28 July 2011

hoy en ocho

¨Hoy en ocho¨ is a very common Guatemalan phrase that means litterally ¨today in 8,¨ aka a week from today.

On Wednesday morning, my host dad said this to me at the breakfast table-
¨Hoy en 8, usted [yes, 6 months later and I am still addressed using formal usted -- I am very important, afterall] va a despertar en su propia cama¨ Or, ¨A week from today, you´ll wake up in your own bed.¨

So so so weird. Today is my last day in Ciudad Vieja with my host family, tomorrow we start our YAV closing retreat, and then I fly to DC Tuesday morning. Seriously unbelievable.

Thanks for your prayers and support, world. See you in less than ocho (primero Dios).
bendiciones, juli

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