28 June 2011

a volcanic ascent

Brodie is here!! Wahoo!!

Last weekend, we took advantage of a sunny morning to go 1.5 hours away to the Volcàn Pacaya to have a little hike. It`s been on my Guatemala Bucket List to hike a volcano, and I finally got to do it- It was amazing!

It took about 1.5 hours to summit (and, I`m not going to lie, it was a bit harder than expected) with a guide and our very motley crew. We had some Mennonites in Birkenstocks (who ended up going up on burros), some 60ish year old Swiss people, 3 very speedy Israeli girls, and a guy in a sports coat and loafers. What a team!

On the way up, we passed through lush greenery and saw amazing views of surroudning volcanoes, farmland, small towns, and God`s amazing creation. It was a bit steep, but such amazing views! Once we got to the top, it seriously seemed like we were on the moon! Totally barren, black volcanic rock everywhere with tons of steamy rocks everywhere- I felt very NASA-- It was so cool! Sadly, because this is the volcano that errupted last May, there isn`t much more lava to see, and tourists are no longer allowed to go right up to the crater (yeah, I think that`s a good call...), but it was still COMPLETELY worth it!

At the top, we went into a natural cave that was heated by VERY hot volcanic steam -it felt just like a sauna!-and, yes, we did use it to roast marshmallows!!! What a cool experience! Best of all, I got to do it with my best friend!

bendiciones, juli

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