27 May 2011

things not to do when you´re sick in Guatemala

Well I've been sick for the past week and a half, world, and I've come to some conclusions based on my host mom's actions and reactions during my recovery.

NOTE: My host mom has been REALLY sweet in taking care of me, and I'm super thankful for her, but there are definitely some things about being sick in a different context that just don't translate...

- Do not help a friend move and therefore sweep a lot of dust and dog hair-- it will infect your throat
- Do not eat watermelon at night- it's "too heavy" to eat before bed
- Do not ever dream of drinking something cold while eating something hot
- Do not turn down salad and/or tamales (even if you're nauseous)
- Requesting just soup is strange
- Do not ever be barefoot even for a second
- Do not ever leave the house, ESPECIALLY if it's night time (even if it's 7:30pm, 70degrees outside and you're wearing a sweatshirt)
- Do not drink anything chilled, and God forbid anything that has ice in it
- DO NOT even dream of going out when it is raining, drizzling, misting, or looks like any of the above might happen. (Haven´t determined how this rule affects her views on showering while sick...)

I´ve been to 2 doctors now with extremely different diagnoses... and am hoping that this new medicine (an evil antibiotic) will knock out whatever my throat problem might be. Seriously can´t take it any more.

Here's to quick recoveries and opportunities for shared learning...
bendiciones, juli

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