04 May 2011

Smiths in Guatemala

So as I briefly posted, my parents and Erica visited Guatemala! We had a great trip-- My host sister picked up the 4 giants in her quite small car from the airport, and we stayed in Antigua for several days for Semana Santa and Easter (and walked approx 10 miles a day, and rode in a little tuk tuk when the feets got too tired). We got to see loads of beautiful alfombras and processions, and it was a really awesome display of God's glory. We also went to the longest Mass ever on Saturday night- which we were able to sit through 2.5 hours of, but seeing as my parents couldn't understand a word, we left at 10:30pm before communion.

Then, on Sunday, we rode in the back of my host dad's pickup truck to stay at my host family's house for the night in Ciudad Vieja, and had a marathon of eating! I pretty much made them fast all afternoon, and it's a good thing because when we got to my house around 3, there was a huge pot of pepián (very traditional Guatemalan dish for celebrations) with chicken AND pork, and then delicious cake that the Smiths brought. After eating, we wandered Ciudad Vieja for a while with my host parents, ending up at the park where we were made to eat more! The 4 of us shared two glasses of atól, the first sweet corn atól and the second savory white bean atól. We did not like the white kind... but it had to disappear, and so it did between the 4 of us. Then we went home to rest for a bit before we were summoned to eat again! We had delicious beans and tortillas for our second dinner at my host sister Claudia's house, and then finally went back to sleep. We awoke to a huge breakfast of eggs, beans, tortillas, and chuchitos (kind of like Mexican tamales)-- needless to say, we were treated like kings (and didn't need to eat all day Monday).

Monday, we headed in a shuttle to Lake Atitlán for several nights where we rode a ferry boat across the river. We stayed in San Marcos La Laguna, which just happened to be having their festival the nights we were there, so luckily, we got to hear the blaring music of some local talent each night! I can't say that they were good singers, but they sure were loud!

Wednesday we headed west to Xela for 2 nights, where they got to ride a public bus to meet my old host family, see the market, and eat a lot of Xelapan.

Finally, We came back to Antigua the night before their (very long) journey home (which unfortunately included a night in Miami!) and they left on Saturday.

It was a really really great chance to see them, to give them a glimpse into my life here, to eat a lot of food, and then (when they left) gorge on the American junk food that they brought me (which includes but is not limited to Chex Mix, Rice Krispie's Treats, Cadbury Eggs, and Reese's cups. Mmmmm, The United States.)

I hope that everyone else was able to have a wonderful Lenten season, and that you could reflect on what Jesus did for us on Good Friday- and then the ultimate victory of the resurrection on Sunday! Hallelujia!

Thanks for visiting, Smiths! Only a few more months until I'm back in the US of A!

bendiciones, juli

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