21 March 2011

Feliz Día Internacional de la Tortilla !

Ode to the Tortilla, so corny and round,
I've been so much happier since you I found.
You accompany every meal, helping me scoop,
And I do mean EVERY meal- even with soup!
If a fork or a spoon are nowhere to in sight,
I won't be afraid, no I won't get a fright;
I know you will help me to eat every last bite.

My only complaint, yes my one only gripe
Is why it's so hard to make you look right.
I clap and I clap over the hot griddle plate,
Trying my hardest a flat circle to make.
But only to find, with my greatest gringa effort,
a little corny blob that looks more like a jeffert. (??)

So an ode to you, Corn Tortilla, on this your special day,
Thanks for making meals yummier, in your very special way.

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