12 February 2011

half-way point!

Well friends, I've made it half way through my YAV year in Guatemala!

So far, my time here has definitely NOT been what I expected it to be, but I'm really really thankful for the chance to be here -in Xela and Antigua- to grow, explore my faith, learn about Guatemala, and experience COMPLETELY different government, food, climate, and economic situations than I'm used to. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for me over the next 6 months, though I can only imagine what it will be...

Things I Miss About Home
- Free refills
- Diet Dr. Pepper (and, of course, the off-brand versions I usually bought)
- Cooking for myself (when I want, what I want, as much as I want)
- Driving (Though I really do like taking public transportation... except when it gives me fleas or I get on the wrong bus)
- Being able to blend in
- Washing my face with warm water
- Being able to go outside when it's dark
- Mail being reliable/dependable
- Schools that teach people how to think critically/ solve problems

Things I Like Better Here
- Coca Light (it just really is different than Diet Coke!)
- Warm Spring weather allll the time (yeahhh... sorry about that snow!)
- Having a super long lunch break where I can read (I've read like 18 books already this year!)
- Not having exams or essays ever (Although having a finished product really would be nice once in a while...)
- Corn tortillas EVERYwhere
- People being more concerned with work relationships than work productivity (though... that obviously has its downsides)
- Trying to like coffee
- Getting care packages (send me one!)
- Hearing/ feeling thunder and learning it's actually a volcano puffing
- Seeing beautiful Mayan women wearing beautiful traditional trajes
- Women carrying baskets on their heads like its no big deal

So there you go, friends-- Thanks for sticking with me through the 1st half of my journey.
bendiciones, juli

PS: Don't forget to look at my pictures...

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