31 January 2011

a wedding!

Nothing like a wedding to welcome a stranger into your family... So on Saturday night, I went to the wedding of my new host Dad's brother!

My host parents said we'd leave at 4:30, so I got ready, and at about 4:40 went into the kitchen to signal I was ready to leave... Then I started watching TV because it was 4:50... then 5:00... then 5:15... Then finally at 5:30, my host parents surfaced, and we were off in the pickup (a nice change, because my other family had no vehicle)... But only after getting some gas (less than 1 gallon... and all the while the engine running...).

When we arrived to the venue (a restaurant), we realized the ceremony had already finished (by this time it was after 6) Wah Wah. So we parked the pickup, and my host mom started shyly making the rounds, saying hello to the 60ish guests, before we took seats at the one big U-shaped table. Soon, dinner was served (4 plates at a time- truly Guatemalan style), and I managed to spill beans literally all over my skirt. Smooth. Luckily, we were sitting outside in the dark, so no one knew except for my host mom who helped me to clean it all up.

After about an hour of eating, the bride and groom (and 1 other couple) danced to about 1 song, and then at 7:30, they got into their car to ride off into the sunset on their honeymoon. The rest of the guests hung around chatting inside, (with more and more people coming and expecting food up until we left!) and eventually at around 10 we said goodbye.

It was fun, but definitely awkward, because not only did I not know anyone in the extended family, but I barely even knew my host parents! Haha. I was certainly glad I could go, though... it was definitely a unique experience.

Hope all are well,
bendiciones, juli

Note: My host mom is not really smiling because earlier that day one of her front teeth fell out eating corn on the cob. Seriously. I didn't have the heart to ask if it was a real tooth or a denture...

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