28 January 2011

a new home

Well, friends, I've made the move!
I'm now living with a family outside of Antigua in Ciudad Vieja (the 'old city' that used to be the capital of Guatemala way back when). It's a VERY different set-up here; I have way more space to myself and a lot less people living in a very small space and sharing 1 bathroom- it's a big change, but I'm adjusting. My host parents are both in their 60s and make their living by selling snacks and lunches to 2 nearby coffee fincas. They're very chatty, and though they've hosted many foreigners before, they seem genuinely interested in who I am and why I'm here, so it hopefully won't take too long to settle in with their family. Also, a few of their adult-children (a little older than me) live down the same alley as us, so there are always a lot of people and kids around, and yet my room is separate, so I can still have plenty of privacy. I even have windows in this one, so I can know when it's night and day!

I'll officially start work on Monday at Faith in Practice- helping out around the office, warehouse, and guest house until/ between accompanying and translating for groups- which will be starting in the middle of February- Very exciting! Of course, starting a new job is always awkward at the beginning, so I'm trying to pass quickly through that phase to where they know what I can do/ what to do with me.

Otherwise, I'm just re-acclimating myself to Antigua, learning a new bus system, and trying to find my place in my new living environment-- Apparently there's a wedding to go to tomorrow, so I'm sure that will help speed things right along. :)

Hope everyone is doing well, and that all that snow isn't too much of a bother!
bendiciones, juli

Also, here's a cool prayer that I found from Julia Esquivel, a Guatemalan poet...
"You illuminate our darkness and fill our saddness with hope.
Because You are stronger than I, I have let myself be captive, and Your love burns in my heart.
The thirst for Your Truth has made me a pilgrim, from city to city,
Until the day Your Word is fulfilled, and we are reborn in Your image and likeness.
Captivate me, Lord, until the last of my days,
Wring out my heart with Your hands of a wise Indian,
So that I will not forget Your justice,
Nor cease proclaiming the urgent need for humankind to live in harmony."

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