01 October 2010


Hello world and Happy Día de los Niños!

If you´ll excuse me, I´m going to get on my soap box for a second...

This is a short movie (we´re talking like 20 min) that´s called ¨The Story of Stuff.¨ It talks about where our stuff comes from, how we get it, and why we feels the need to have so MUCH. Kind of opens your eyes when you think about how your little radio could possibly cost $4.99 after the journey it´s made and the people that needed to be employed to make/sell it. And why do we allow ourselves to be on that hampster wheel of working to buy more to feel better to work to buy to feel better...? Now I´m not saying we should all stop buying things, but couldn´t we actively work to use 99% of our stuff for more than 6 months?!

Also -- Sarah McLaughlin has a really cool song/music vid along these lines, too. It´s a few years old now, but still quite eye-opening...

Just a few thoughts for you to chew on, world.
Hope all´s well with whoever´s out there reading this...
bendiciones, juli

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