03 September 2010

Bienvenido a Guatemala!

Well, world- here I am in San Juan del Obispo outside of Antigua, Guatemala! INSANE! The 5 of us Guatemala YAVs will be here for about 5 weeks, doing language school and just generally getting ready for the year. We took a long walking tour the other day in Antigua (photos to follow soon), and it's a really really beautiful and historically well-preserved (read: toursity) city! Yesterday we moved in with our 1st host families for our language school time (before that we were in a nice hotel) and then at the beginning of October we move to our rest-of-the-year sites where we'll start work and stuff! Wow! These 1st families are a little strange, because it feels way more like a weird hotel than a ¨family¨- We all get the feeling that they have host students all the time... so they could kinda care less who we are. Haha, ego blow. BUT, it´s also really nice to be able to just go to our rooms and relax and not really worry too much about establishing real and lasting relationships with these families... because they clearly expect no such thing... so that´s been kinda nice. Let me tell you world, operating in a different language is exhausting! It will get easier (and more comfortable with the families), though... with time.

It´s seriously crazy that I´ve only been here for 5 days, world. I´ve had so many moments today of "I cannot believe this is my life" - so needless to say it's very exciting so far. I realize that after only a few days I´m very much stuff in the ¨honeymoon¨ phase, but I seriously feel so comfortable here... It´s awesome. (Note= this does NOT mean that I fit in. I´m at least a head taller than all women, and most men. Good stuff.)

Things to get used to:
- There are volcanoes everywhere. Active and Dormant- I saw one errupt the other day. No big deal.
- Toilet paper does not go in the toilets...Nope- It goes in the trash can.
- I have no laptop. I Never realized how pathetically attached I am to it for so many things. Refreshing and also strangely unsettling not to have it.
- Bugs are EVERYwhere -- beetles, moths, etc... love that part
- It rains EVERY afternoon ... it´s also quite a bit colder than expected... booo
- Tortillas galore! Very Juli- friendly. Also, all food that I´ve had has been DELICIOUS. Woo!

Let´s see- I think that´s about it. We had our 1st adventure on the public transportation yesterday. Literally a disaster of aimlessly wandering and taking bad advice to find our bus... but we made it some how! haha

love to all,
bendiciones, juli

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