27 July 2010


Hello world! I finally got my site placement for Guatemala!

I’ll be living in Xela (aka Quetzaltenango, which I do not know how to pronounce), which is the 2nd largest city in the country with about 300,000 people and is known as “the city that is the soul of cutlture” (???). The climate is cool all year long… Sort of a bummer, but hopefully it won’t be too too cold. And, Google images tells me it’s really pretty, and I think it’s surrounded by volcanoes/mountains, so that should be cool! Here’s a website to learn more- www.xelapages.com

I’ll work 3 days a week at the local Episcopal Church with their lunch program for elderly community members. This program is “a collaborative effort to provide food and a social space for elderly people of scarce economic resources.” The other 2 days I’ll be working with Voces de Cambio (Voices of Change), which works with young women to give courses on photography and writing, helping to provide education about self-esteem, leadership, racism, sexism, and other topics, which young Guatemalan women often don't receive. Though I’m not really sure what either of these things will actually look like, I’m excited to finally know what city I’ll be in, and have even a vague idea of how I’ll be spending my year.

Can you believe I leave in 1 month?? I’m starting my America Bucket List--- Any suggestions??

Bendiciones, juli


  1. wooo! so exciting! i can't wait to hear more about it :)

  2. exciting stuff!! I'm looking forward to seeing you in a months time and to following your adventure! i'm going to have to get you to spend some time with me over the orientation weekend helping me making my blog look as good as yours(if you wouldnt mind)! hope you're doing well and enjoying your last couple weeks of normalness... whatever that may be. hah. see you soon