18 July 2010

Haitian Wedding

Hello world,
I went to a Haitian wedding last night! Most people can't afford to get married here because of the cost of the wedding, but we lucked out! It was suuuuch a good time! I'll put up photos when I get home, but just to give you a little taste, all of the bridesmaids wore old wedding dresses from the 80s... it was sooo confusing! The ceremony started late (rain) and took about 2 hours---but it was soooo worth it.

Afterwards, Kelsey and I and 50 of our closest friends took a very death-defying ride in the bed of a pickup truck to get to the reception site. I'll spare you the details so my mom doesn't have a heart attack... but don't worry, we made it there in one piece!
After like an hour, the dinner finally came out-- we went up, but the girl told us it was not our turn yet... so we had to wait... but oh! We got to pull the blanc card, and so the groom went and fetched us dinner and Coke (I ate chicken!) After dinner, the mayhem of dancing and Prestige beer started. There were seriously like 5yr old kids drinking the stuff, it was crazy! BUT they played Justin Bieber twice -- it was fantastic.

Life here has been teaching me so so much-- about poverty, missions, and my own theology.... So so glad I could come.

More later--

PS: Haiti is a Caribbean island-- it is seriously beautiful!



not her, either.

There she is! Congratulations, Krisalin!

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